Mrs. A's Apartment

An apartment refurbishment project for a family of 3 consisting of parents and their kid. Located on the top floor of South Hills, the aim is to provide a temporal living space that applied the practice of wabi-sabi.


Mrs. A


South Jakarta, Indonesia




Interior Residential
Interior Construction

As we live in a hustling sphere, the tendency of someone to desire an interval is substantial. People ought to find and continue coming back to their sanctuary in a way to support their mental state. Thus, each persona translated their physical space differently. Answering to the prior issue, we personify the space based on our client’s character and needs.

IMPERFECTION IS A VIRTUE; encouraged to focus on the blessings hiding in daily life, to appreciate the way things are rather than how they should be. The main idea is to create a space that celebrates true nature without pretense, accepting both complexity and simplicity.

Material Board

The color palette is warm and calming with a sense of our mother nature. Materials are textured with a combination of rattan, laminate oak wood, rendered walls, and olive velvet upholstery that creates depth and variation between massive textured walls.


A resting place after a busy day, the space that incorporates raw texture and minimal design. At the end of the day, they bring the homeowner a simple living with subtle memories of culture and a touch of nature.