Humanize Us

In today's fast-paced and social media-focused era, HUMANIZE US tries to disrupt it just for a while and provide a platform and space to reflect, contemplate, and promote wider perspectives of mental health and wellness.

Due to several reasons and circumstances, people constantly struggle and battling every single day of their lives. HUMANIZE US hopes to be an experience for people to understand this year's theme, which is 'Mental and Wellness' and through that understanding starts to engage in conversation of mental health.

Therefore, this event brings our interpretation of humanity and being human into existence through an audio-visual installation journey, scheduled talks, and workshop sessions. HUMANIZE US also provides a retail area as a collaboration with local fashion brand, Monstore.




Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta




Experience Design
Experience Construction

The Journey

Designed as a journey, the installation consists of five encounters that each collaborate to the way we perceived things - in both social and internal self-interactions.

Started off with long hallways of nothing but scrambled words, the installation narrates a journey from the very first stage we encounter in our lives, the origin. A place where we were safe and sound in our mother’s womb, far from the corrupted reality we have yet to delve into.
The second encounter came in the form of exaggeration, a harsh fact most of us failed to realize - that the image we have of ourselves is quite different from who we actually are, an image we desperately create to fit in. Then comes the empathy, the raw emotion emerging from the realization that everything is simply will not be good enough if we keep living up to other’s expectations. This further links up to the fourth encounter - honesty - the stage of acceptance and self-love. The final and the concluding part - the society - summarized that all this time, we stand and watch and observe as the cycle keeps repeating itself in the lives of those around us. A reminder that we have the choice to break the cycle or continue to live with it.

The Construction

Within 3 weeks of construction, we faced up multiple challenges to bring this installation to life. One of the major issues was the installation of wide glass modules and the adjustment of lights and dark to achieve the intended outcome. We also worked alongside the @offlineteam.js to inject the technology for a more comprehensive output for the experience.