Kyora Law Office

This project presents the interior office refurbishment of KYORA - a law firm providing a wide range of legal services. The goal is to represent their values in the atmosphere of the interior, enabling it to take part as their own identity. Mainly attending legal service for companies in the tech industry, we sought to capture its core behaviors, notably; fast, precise, and concise. Those following characteristics will further be translated into spatial keywords as the core design element of this project.


Kyora Law Office


Kuningan, South Jakarta




Interior Design Refurbishment

Located in World Trade Center, Jakarta - the office will occupy a 115 sqm quarter on the 9th level. It was designed to express the personality of the firm’s practice while still maintaining the comfort of its employees. Its corner placement makes space luminous, bathed in sunlight from two sides. This calls for an open-plan workspace to let all the light flows through and minimize the power usage during the day.

Material Board

Transparency plays a huge role in clarifying visual continuity. The use of light colors prevents the space from appearing too cramped. Plantation and warm materials provide a relaxing ambiance. In addition, an accent of blue could stimulate the mind, leading to better work productivity. The materials include indirect lighting, wooden and marble counter, white paint finish, blue accent element, gold metal frames & frosted and textured glass.


Adding warmth to the overall white ambiance of the main open space, the file corners will majorly use light wooden materials. The surface of wood reduced perceived glare and increased luminance value, leading to decreased eye fatigue, eye strain, and headaches. Blue and white are also added to represent the brand's identity.