Pondok Indah Home

A house renovation project for a family of 13 members, 2 parents, 3 kids, and 8 cats. Located in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta, our aim is to reconstruct an aged home into a fresh new lively one. Replanting greenery, bring it into the house and refreshing the airflow - inside and out. We want to bring harmony to all the living things inside a freshly decorated home.


Geraldy Nugroho


South Jakarta, Indonesia




Interior Design
Interior Construction

First floor area, which contains living room, dining area and outdoor balcony, emphasises the home original design in a chic contemporary Mediterranean interior and garden. Bringing the rawness of the nature elements inside the house to balance the energy.

On the second floor with void covered by glass wall and sheer curtain, lay the private living room. In a low light mood, this space made exclusively for the family, giving them familiarity of their home, only enhanced with the best selections of the elements.

In the middle of 2nd floor Family Room, we build the cats’ sanctuary, a space for them to live properly, happily and peacefully.

The house also serve a place which is used where the members of the family can have some exercise time. Refresh their mind and body in an open air gym area. With a spot to leisure, the place filled with dry garden and greens, for them to catch fresh air from the rooftop.


Without changing much of the layout, and keeping the essence of their old home, we create a traditional chic dining room for the family. This space meant to be the family’s meeting spot to gather, catching up with their daily activities.