Starbucks Dewata

“From Seed to Cup Journey” is an interactive wall that tells the story of a single coffee bean through the preparation process until it is ready to be served in a cup. The Interactive wall is divided by two parts, the wall and the table. The wall functions as the output and the table functions as the input.


Starbucks Dewata


Bali, Indonesia




Product Design
Product Construction
Experience Design

“From Seed to Cup Journey” is represented by the interactive console cabinets with electronic equipment made of coffee bean, traditional coffee grinder, et cetera. The hardware connected through the television screen on the wall creates a motion art as an education and entertainment to the customers.

The Journey itself offering the customer to touch, feel, and understand each and every method and machine that has been used for making Starbucks coffee. We provide descriptions – a how to – signage on carved corten steel beside each step, to guide our customers to use these machines properly.

Material Board

A mixture of Starbucks identity and Balinese traditional touch of nature, this material board creates a harmony in both DNAs. The “Gringsing” and “Kembang Tandjung” rattan patterns are beautifying this corner. In contrast, we used dark walnut wood to wrap up the rattan.


The area where the Interactive Wall is located. It is in the corner of Starbucks Dewata’s semi-concealed lounge, where people can focus the experience on how Starbucks coffee is actually made.