A 17,5 sqmgarage renovation project for a small home office, called Stoik – Trisula’s Office. The main concept is to tell a story of their company vision and mission. On a blank canvas, which represent their beginning, we create an off-white space, filled with rustic-contemporary Indonesian furniture design.


Stoik Trisula


South Jakarta, Indonesia




Interior Construction

A white clear space with organic shapes representing the blank canvas. The detailed carvings, wood and green leather color, liven up the white space, representing ”Indonesia hand-crafting”. Each elements, furniture, details and lighting in the room is a bespoke design. Mirroring the company persona, personalized based on their strong Nationalist heart.

The Feature Wall

Representing Trisula’s first main goal, this is a paraphrased topography wall of land in Ubud, Bali. It is a bird-eye view topography, playing different textures to illustrate the paddy terrace down to the forest. Each segment is washed by neon flex with a dimmer, to let the owners set the mood and ambiance in the room.