Yodhi's House

Located in a friendly neighborhood of South Tangerang, this dwelling space aims to give a new atmosphere to a growing family. Javanese – Balinese tropical design is used as the core idea and was then developed into a contemporary, semi-Mediterranean compact house.


Yodhi Prasetyo


Bintaro, South Tangerang




Interior Design

The place where a family of three could gather around. Wrapped in two-tone tropical brown color with a touch of greens, the living room gives warmth and comfort.

A bespoke kitchen and dining, set in 2 x 3 meter space, are blended together in a harmonious color scheme by ivory-colored wall and a touch of natural dark wood. In addition, contrasting Balinese handmade tiles are used to break the monochrome tone.

A simple cut bathroom design is aimed to give the owner space to cleanse up with reachable storage and shelves. They help to keep the space tidy and built with materials that could sustain cleanliness.

In this 10 square meter space, we provide a wardrobe to store clothing, bags, and other miscellaneous. With an additional wall-mounted bespoke vanity cabinet. Natural lights penetrate the blinds and diagonal shadows emerge through the room dramatically.

Material Board

With a mixture of Traditional and Modern elements, these materials bring out the sleek bright look, in subtle differences on general finishes. A gentle touch of dark wood and detailed material selections on the furniture, complement the space, showing the Indonesian rich culture.